signs of a boob job

Out of curiosity, if you google “how to know if the boobs are fake?” you’ll find some articles that actually reports on the way to tell a boobjob has been done. Came across one such articles that was reported on Men’sHealth magazine in 2014. The article title was, “5 signs her boobs are fake – here’s how to tell without being a total creep!”

A certain New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe assisted in the article. According to them, this list helps men find the authentic and the bogus. I disagree to some of it tho… or kinda all of it.

  • According to Dr. Rowe, if the breasts are too close to each other, they’re not real because typically, there are about 2 to 3 inches of space between breasts. However, with implants, this gap is allegedly shrunk significantly.

boob job

According to Dr. Rowe, “When doctors put in implants, most of the time they’ll just pop them in and set the breasts very close to each other, near the midline of the chest.”

Really? I know tons of women who were born with big breast and even if they’re not wearing padded bras, those boobies just meet each other in between.

  • When the breasts are set too high on her chest, they’re another dead giveaway of a boob job done. According to Dr. Rowe, usually breasts are located in between the armpits on the chest but some implants are placed in from the armpits and make the breasts go up high.
  • “They look like Cantaloupes”. I LOL-ed at this. Supossedly, breasts are shaped like pears or teardrop but if the breast is round, they’re totally fake said Dr. Rowe. Sure, this is probably true, but that is why there is a new brand of breast implants that is teardrop shaped, to give that natural look.

boob job

  • Scar spotted. Well, yes, maybe the old method of breast augmentation leave scars, but as of the recent times, breast augmentation has been modified so well that the scars can be hidden under the boob. Hence, hiding the scars.
  • You can hear sloshing. I’m just gonna quote this whole paragraph cause I think it’s quite funny if you read it as it’s written. Bottom of Form “You might need bionic ears (or just a quiet room) for this one to work, but here’s a sign you can actually hear instead of seeing: Women with saline implants—an alternative to silicon—will sometimes give off a “sloshing” sound when they move side to side. That’s probably the result of the surgeon filling up the implant once it was inside the woman’s breast. If the implant doesn’t fill up all the way with saline, it creates an air pocket, which is audible. It’s not something you’d notice on a woman walking down the street, but you can definitely hear it in an intimate setting,” Dr. Rowe says. So listen up.

push-up bra

So what do you think? Getting a boob job or not, bottomline is, he’ll be happy to see it eventually. *wink wink*